Jane Soh TeachingPlaying a musical instrument enhances coordination, increases memory capacity, improves reading and comprehension skills, sharpens your concentration, teaches perseverance… the list goes on. For the child, music lessons can translate into better academic results for children. For the adult, it helps to keep the mind sharp–all while having fun!

The harp is one of those rare instruments that sound beautiful right from the get-go, making it one of the most rewarding instruments to learn, regardless of prior ability.

Jane currently lives in Winchester, Massachusetts where she also teaches both lever and pedal harp for all levels. Having had the best instruction in music throughout her life, she now enjoys passing on her knowledge and experience to students.┬áLessons are held at her home studio as well as at students’ own homes. While encouraged, prior musical knowledge is not required to take lessons with Jane.

As a teacher, Jane has been described as patient, dedicated, and oftentimes humorous. Students will develop a hand position and technique that is both comfortable for and suited to the individual. They will also acquire basic theory knowledge about the music they learn. Jane encourages students to set personal goals, and enjoys working together with them to fulfill their harp dreams. Contact her for more details.